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25.1.2024 Strengthening the EU’s Anti-Money Laundering Framework: An Overview of the Recent Council and Parliament Agreement

Introduction: In a significant move towards bolstering the European Union’s fight against money laundering and […]

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19.1.2024 Madeira Free Economic Zone Regime: A Detailed Analysis

The Madeira Free Trade Zone regime has been a crucial tool for promoting the region’s […]

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15.12.2023 Maximizing Crypto Gains through Tax Optimization Strategies

Crypto taxation

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Crypto Portugal
10.11.2023 The Significance of Portugal’s Commitment to Automatic Exchange of Crypto-Asset Information: A Milestone in Global Tax Cooperation

In a move towards enhancing international cooperation in the battle against tax fraud and evasion, […]

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10.11.2023 Automatically exchange information on crypto-assets

Portugal and 47 other jurisdictions commit to automatically exchanging information on crypto-assets

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6.7.2023 Exchange of Information between European tax authorities

The number of automatic information exchanges between the Tax and Customs Authority and counterparts in […]

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