A great deal of the application of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, involves the interpretation of the ISO 9001 2015 norm, at Fonseca Santos & Associates, beyond our valence as lawyers, we seek to add value with the management skills that we have in the team. So if you would like to implement the ISO 9001, please contact us via e-mail geral@fslegal.pt.

What is ISO 9001?

The ISO 9001 is an international norm of quality management regarding a company.

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More than 1 million organizations – from micro, SMEs and large enterprises in the most diverse industries, have obtained certification from the implementation of ISO 9001, which ensures that they are committed to high quality standards, particularly in terms of its products and services, expectations and customer satisfaction, seeking to improve their management and methods on an ongoing basis, complying with current legislation.

What is the role of ISO 9001?

The implementation of ISO 9001 brings numerous competitive advantages for your company. By this standard, an organization:
  • Strengthens credibility in the market;
  • Shows being committed to the quality of its products and services;
  • Is able to apply for public tenders, international tenders;
  • Has a focus on satisfaction and your customers’ experience and being more prepared on the other hand to manage any customer complaints;
  • Makes a proper document management;
  • Focuses on continuous improvement in the quality of their management and the efficiency of their processes, reducing unnecessary costs;
  • Demonstrates adopting the best international management practices;
  • Creates a culture within the organization of analysis and internal risk management and concern for continuous improvement;
  • Is able to respond to customer requests with certification requirements.
ISO 9001 is for many companies, especially those of medium and large size, a requirement for it to be listed as a supplier or service provider. Therefore, without this implementation and certification it is often difficult to initiate business partnerships.

How to obtain the certification?

There are several entities accredited as management system certification entities, and may therefore ensure the implementation of ISO 9001 in your company.

In Fonseca Santos & Associates, we have an experienced team that assists your company in the implementation of the quality management system process.

This implementation process is typically composed of several stages, starting with an early stage of diagnosis of the current situation of the company, the implementation of quality system, and subsequent monitoring and audits in order to prepare the organization for the certification process.

What is the duration of the implementation?

The implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system may vary significantly based on the requirements and size of your organization, namely, the number of employees, diversity processes and services.

Generally for a structure of a SME company, ISO 9001 can be implemented within a period which may be around 5-7 months.


If you are interested in implementing a quality management system in your business, designed for the demands of your field of activity, contact us now by the e-mail geral@fslegal.pt