For those who are not yet informed of what is Portugal 2020, we intend to give a brief explanation of the essential points of the program and how it works.

What is “Portugal 2020”?

Essentially, the Portugal 2020 it is new Community framework for supporting business, which will run from 2014 to 2020, amounting to EUR 25 billion, this Community framework replaces the previous named “Quadro de Referência Estratégica Nacional (QREN)”, which was in force until 2013.

There are 16 operational programs, thematic and regional programs. Each program has a specific fund allocation, and the who has got the most fund allocation is the “Competitiveness and Internationalization”, however there are specific programs for each area, such as “Programa operacional Mar 2020” and “Programa de Desenvolvimento Rural 2020”. Essentially the focus of Portugal 2020 is based on three pillars, focus on national human capital; focus on business and finally, focus on results.

Quick Facts:

  • Applications are submitted and wounds through an online application, called in “Balcão 2020”;
  • All applications will exist an official manager and curator of the beneficiary;
  • All the documentation will be provided in one moment and through the “Balcão 2020”;
  • In Portugal 2020, there is a great focus on results instead of in expenditures;
  • There are several benefits some refundable others non-refundable, in Portugal 2020;
  • The minimum amounts to apply may vary depending on the specific program.

When will the applications for Portugal 2020 open? What is the dedadline for the decision?

In the “Portugal 2020” we will always have to be able to check which programs are currently open, but may also consult the timing in which it will take to open, with 12 months away, to program correctly our application.

After submitting the application, which Fonseca Santos & Associados is available to prepare, submit and manage all the application, the managing authority will have 60 (sixty) working days to make a decision, when counting from the deadline of the application. Notification of the companies take place in 5 (five) business days. The execpção to these deadlines are carried out for projects above 25 million, where there are special deadlines.

Which expenditures are eligible?

According to the law: “are eligible expenses those who are incurred in connection with the completion of operations approved by the managing authority in accordance with the selection criteria approved by the respective Monitoring Committee”, expenditures incured until the 31 July 2023, however you can rely on the experience of Fonseca Santos & Associados to assist you in determining what expenditures are considered for applicational purposes for the Portugal 2020.

Goals for Portugal:

Employment rate – 75% ; P I&D (% do PIB) – 2,7% a 3,3%; Gas emission reduction (Compared to 2005) – 1%; Renewable energy (% of total energy consumed) – 31%; Energetic efficiency – 22,5; Schools dropoutas – 10%; Students with High Education – 40%; Population at risk of poverty reduction – 200.000 pessoas

Do you want to submit your application?Portugal 2020 - Advogados

In the preparation of your application and the following submission we at Fonseca Santos & Associados can be an essential partner with the experience and know-how needed to carry out a successful application, since it is necessary to comply with the conditions of the general regulation on the Structural European and Investment Funds and other legislation applicable, taking into account specific regulations governing the respective types of operations and/or administrative warnings concerning the ongoing applications.

If you want to make or apply to a Portugal 2020 program or have any questions that you want to clear out, please contact us via email, better count with our help sooner rather than later.

This article contains only general and informative information, therefore does not constitute advice or professional services.