We at FS LEGAL, are a specialized law firm in investments and we are very proud of our country Portugal, and we feel it deserves to be promoted.

Therefore, it is our role to announce the investment programs that Portugal is promoting with great advantages to the entrepreneurs.
This program is not set for Golden Visa or any tax advantage like Non-Habitual Resident Program, but due to the strategic place for tourism that Portugal benefits now, it´s great for someone who wants to invest in this area.
The program is called: REVIVE – Reabilitação, Património e Turismo
The objective is to RENT a place from the Government like a 17th-century FORT or a 12th-century Monastery or a Palace, Rebuild it and transform into a touristic unit out of it.
These properties are usually outside of Lisbon and Porto, but there are few in the city centre. However, tourism data shows that tourism is spreading all over Portugal.
Rents very very low, from 10€ (yes, ten euros) to € 30.000 /€50.000 per year.
The program also includes a specific line of Bank Loans (with the Government) to assist the investors with the renovation process.
It is a very good program for someone who wants to invest in the tourism sector in Portugal.
Here is the link for more information: https://revive.turismodeportugal.pt/en
Please let us know if we can assist in any way or if you have any doubts.