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1.2.2022 Sweden terminates Double Taxation Treaty (“DTT”) with Portugal

Double tax agreement between Portugal and Sweden gets terminated. Major impact on the NHR.

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20.11.2021 NFT – Non fungible token in Portugal

This article aimed to discuss and reflect on the regulatory and taxation scene of NFTs […]

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15.2.2021 Changes in the Golden Visa Program for 2022

Starting next year, applying for a gold visa in Portugal will have different rules.

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30.1.2021 Crypto Currency & Blockchain Law in Portugal

If you have a company that deals with cryptocurrencies or crypto assets

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12.10.2020 Cryptocurrency Taxation in Portugal

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency, meaning they are not controlled nor emitted by any central bank.

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19.9.2019 REVIVE Program

We at FS LEGAL, are a specialized law firm in investments and we are very proud of our country Portugal, and we feel it deserves to be promoted.

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