The legal profession has long been seen as a conservative one, with lawyers being expected to stick to the same routine and not take risks. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of lawyers who are looking to expand their horizons by learning how to code. This paper will explore the motivations behind this trend, the challenges these lawyers face, and the potential benefits of coding for the legal profession.


There are a variety of motivations that drive lawyers to learn how to code. For some, it is simply a matter of curiosity and wanting to learn something new. For others, it is a way to stay ahead of the curve and gain an edge in their practice. Still, others see coding as a way to increase their efficiency and reduce costs for their clients. Whatever the motivation, it is clear that coding is becoming increasingly important for lawyers in today’s world.


Learning how to code can be a daunting task for many lawyers, especially those who have never done any programming before. It requires a significant time commitment and can be difficult to fit into an already busy schedule. Additionally, there are often technical challenges that must be overcome in order to write code successfully. Finally, there is the challenge of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in order to remain competitive in the field. Benefits Despite the challenges associated with learning how to code, there are many potential benefits for lawyers who choose to do so. Coding can help lawyers become more efficient by automating mundane tasks or streamlining processes. It can also open up new opportunities for collaboration with other professionals or even create entirely new services that can be offered to clients. Finally, coding can help lawyers stay ahead of the curve by giving them an edge over their competition.

In conclusion, coding can be a great way for lawyers to expand their horizons and stay competitive in today’s world. While there are certainly challenges associated with learning how to code, there are also many potential benefits that make it worth pursuing. With dedication and hard work, any lawyer can become proficient at coding and reap the rewards that come with. Lawyers who code expand their horizons and stay competitive in today’s world. Lawyers who do will be leaders of the legal tech of tomorrow.

This article was written by Rodolfo José Santos, a Lawyer and a legal tech geek in the process of becoming a codder as well.

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