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Changes in the Golden Visa Program for 2022
Changes in ARI

Starting next year, applying for a gold visa in Portugal will have different rules. Most of the changes performed will be with the purchase of a house, which is only possible in the interior of the country and the islands of Madeira and Açores. However, important changes will happen also for investors who want to […]

Golden Visa Portugal – New Rules
New rules came to place in ARI program Portugal


New rules for the granting of residence permits for foreign nationals wishing to invest in Portugal came into effect on November 26. It was approved under the Program “Capitalizar”, Law no. 102/2017, proceeds to the fifth amendment to the Law that establishes the legal regime for entry, stay, exit and removal of foreigners from the […]

Do you want to live or invest in Portugal through a Golden Visa or a Retirement Visa?
Find what is the best option for you if Golden Visa or a Retirement Visa?

D7 and Golden Visa

Do you want to acquire a residence permit in Portugal through an investment? Find out the right residence option for you. Whether you have already made an investment in your country or intend to invest in Portugal, Law no. 23/2007 of July 4 (Law of Entry, Stay, Exit and Removal of Foreigners of National Territory), […]

How to escape from Brexit?
How to acquire Portuguese Permanent Residency or become a Portuguese citizen

Golden Visa - Brexit

With all the instability provoked by the possibility of the United Kingdom (“UK”) to activate article 50 º of the Lisbon Treaty, commonly known as “Brexit”, and leave the European Union, many British nationals are considering other options in order to keep their benefits as European citizens. Many of them live already outside of the […]